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Beginning of the EndRob Scales
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The Beginning of the End

What if I told you there was a god, but he abandoned you long ago?
All of your suffering is meaningless as you're doomed to face it endlessly in the unbreakable loop of reincarnation.

How many of us would remain good, knowing there is no end, no consequence?

Now what if I told you there was an escape?

To what desperate lengths would you go to reach it?

The Beginning of the End

Søren was only nine when his mother abandoned him in the desert with Caelian's bipolar father.Seven years later, he's only ever met the cold hand of shame to help him get by and it's left him too paranoid to trust the only person who can help him escape the planet's endless cycle they call limbo.

Esther can get you out of limbo.There is a passage only her kind has the power to permit people to escape. At least, that's what she's been made to believe her entire life.But her life is ravished when she succumbs to an illness shrouded in mystery that will take the life of her and her unborn child if she can't find help.

Caelian might just be her miracle, but he won't make a mistake. He'll let others do it for him.He's resigned to the fact that he can escape limbo so long as he can control the people he calls friends. Even if that means allowing their sacrifices to keep him from harm.

Together, the three embark across a crumbling world plagued by the unforgiving heat of the two suns, slave traders, shifting unsteady land, and blood-thirsty syth as they follow the lie that Esther knows the location of the passage to their escape.

Against a ticking clock, they uncover the horrifying reason the Watcher abandoned them, which may be linked to the eerie illness that's killing Esther.

Soren from The Beginning of the End


The world isn't full of good people that just need a second chance. It's full of dirty, rotten bastards that look for every chance to take advantage of people.

You either stand up for yourself, or become a victim.

Caelian from The Beginning of the end
Esther from The Beginning of the End

You wanna screw yourself over and sin? There's no coming back from that. Your tainted soul will be up for grabs. Never to be forgiven, never to escape.

No. I refuse to turn out like the people who wronged me. I will take the abuse to keep my hands clean so I can escape this godforsaken place.

I wish for all my brothers and sisters to make it to Eternity. Those who have sinned, and those who act out of fear. Everyone deserves a second chance and I can give them that.



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The World


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