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The Button That
Ends the World

After society failed to convict the man who murdered six-year-old Thomas William, five friends stop at nothing to hunt down all those who failed him while he was alive.

As the friends fall deeper into the rabbit hole, they begin to unravel just how many were involved in their friends death.

Ten years have passed since the brutal murder of six-year-old Thomas William, and no one ever paid for it.

Richard and his friends watched as everyone who was supposed to keep him safe failed him. The friends made a pact to hunt down those responsible and make them pay, no matter the cost.

They never expected the cost to be so high.

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Not for the faint of heart. I was holding my breath reading the entire time.

-Gracie  Miller

Dark and comical. I love the young group of kids in this adult situation trying to navigate through the chaos while getting in over their heads.

-Jesse H.

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