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A Greater Purpose

Once a year the orchids bloom, only inhabitable in the radiation zone.

There is no cure for the radiation poisoning  spread from the last war, only the orchids pollen can ease symptoms. 

With limited resources, Europe is divided as each country sends their own team to extract the orchids pollen.

It's a fight to the death to be the first to the flowers.

Radiation Zone

When the bomb dropped, the explosion sent out waves of radiation that killed everything in its path. Death spread throughout Europe and beyond. The only way to keep the radiation from spreading was to contain the missile that carried the poison. 
Years later, it's been uncovered that the only hope at finding a cure for the toxins is inside that very containment. Deep inside the dome the radiation has increased, mutating the life that was left behind and trapped within.

The Dome from A Greater Purpose

Breathing apparatus

The air isn't safe to breathe. 
Oxygen filled with a specialized chemical to combat the poison is necessary to stay in the dome. Full body protective gear is recommended for optimal protection. Not every country has the budget to afford such equipment and resort to only face coverings, mouth coverings, or, the worst-case scenario, a cannula that feeds into the nose.


Metal can't enter the dome. 
The radiation reacts to the metallic substances, causing burns and decay. To combat this, weapons made from wood, glass, plastics, and other materials are used for protection. Wealthier countries use crystals for their weapon heads, while the poorer utilize rocks and wood.

The orchids are the only organic organism to adapt to the radiation. Due to this, they cannot survive outside the radiation zone. Despite scientists' best efforts to recreate their poisonous ecosystem in a contained environment, they've had no luck. Something inside the dome is keeping them alive. While scientists work to uncover what it is, the infected grow sicker.

Orchid from A Greater Purpose

Once a year the orchids bloom. Survival in the dome is only possible for a few weeks before those sent in become too sick to get back out. The flowers must be handled with the utmost care, as growing them from scratch opposed to extracting the pollen will increase the amount of time it will take for the orchids to bloom.

I wish I would have known you outside of this war so that I could love you properly.

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